8/9 - English diary

I cannot stand delaying the diary entry anymore & decide to write in English. Now I seldom write English outside my work. As the English I write in work is always informal, unstructured and casual, so it may be good for me!

Thanks God, it's weekend again after 1 day work this week!
Missing Japan, we went to Ingaiku for lunch. Maybe we have set our expectation too high, this experience was turned to be quite disappointing...


Firstly, the interior design is not that impressive. Above photo is already the best shot of all. In fact, the environment is quite noisy and servers are very "Hong Konger", not creating a Japanese atmosphere for dining.

More importantly, food is just so-so. The salad which come first is nice, but following appetizers, pickles and miso soup are not great. Grilled Cod fish tastes wonderful, but I can enjoy the same quality at Shun-Sai Tomi (旬菜富) at almost half price!


Sushi has nice portion of sashimi to rice, but taste is not good. Only the shrimp sushi can barely be called tasty.


Being called the 1st in doing tempura in HK, I do have high expectation. However, it is not crispy & delicious as though, and many oils left in the paper. My experience at Ten Yoshi (天扶良) were much better. Is it due to lunch / dinner difference?


Well, steamed egg is not good either.


Finally, we have fruits platter to wrap up this meal.
(we can opt to have ice cream for extra $20, but of coz we would rather save room for HD later!)Honeymelon is not sweet at all, while pineapple & cherries are quite good.


To sum up, its standard does not worth the price. Despite feeling full, we were both not satisfied.
Aiya, it would be much better if we spent $100 more and go to Sabatini instead!!

Anyway, as you said, it is a necessary experience given the great fame of Inagiku. Next month let's visit Italian / French restaurants in perhaps Conrad / Kowloon Shangri-La!

The following programs were more enjoyable. We went to Elements again to watch movie. Before show, we utilized the new buy 2 get 2 free promotion and had Green tea, Belgian Choco, Coffee and the mandatory Mango & passion fruit ice cream at $49. They all taste great, what a super deal!! Seems we will eat many HD in the coming days~


Then we watched Mummy 3. Having heard too much negative comments about this film, we watched it with very low expectation and found it OK. Of coz, credit goes to the Grand Cinema, which provides amazing sound + shaking effect!


After the movie, it's time to return. After a fast tea at YL, we went back to church for Choir final rehersal. I think they song well tonite and really hope they can perform well tomorrow. I'm giving the same "good show" wish to the teenagers who will be doing the drama show!

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